Nambinal Nambungal 23-10-2016 – Zee Tamizh Show

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Nambinal Nambungal 23-10-2016 Zee TV Nambinal Nambungal 23.10.2016 Show Online | Nambinal Nambungal 23/10/2016 Zee Tamizh TV Program 23rd October 2016
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Nambinaal Nambungal Season 2 23-10-2016 – Zee Tamizh Show | Zee Tamil Tv 23-10-16 Program Nampinal Nampungal 23rd September 2016 Show
Synopsis: Nambinal Nambungal Zee Tamil’s popular program on paranormal activities and unnatural phenomena being hosted by noted actor Nizhalgal Ravi. The hallmark of program lies in bringing to light strange practices, rituals, superstitions found in the remotest corners of the state. The program attempts to show, as it is, all peculiar happenings and/or persons who defy all natural laws and act in a manner that is not in accordance with established scientific laws.

The name of the program means “Believe it or not” and it aims to explain experiences that even science can’t explain.

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Nambinal Nambungal hosted by Actor Nizhalgal Ravi, telecasts the paranormal happenings all over India. Nambinaal Nambungal (Believe it or not): In today’s make believe world, there exists many paranormal incidents and activities that may not have scientific meaning or logic. This show unearths such paranormal happenings from various parts of the country. The show was quite successful and popular for the extensive coverage of paranormal stories. ‘Nizhalgal Ravi’, the multi-faceted and talented star of the Tamil screen anchored the show. With his rich voice and articulate ways, this handsome actor kept the viewers’ attention glued to the show, explaining the various myths and mysteries that ‘Nambinaal Nambungal’ has to offer.