Connexion 17-07-2016 – Vijay tv Game Show 17-07-16 Episode 140

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Connexion 17-07-2016 Vijay TV Connexion 17.07.2016 Show Online | Connexion 17/07/2016 Vijay TV Program 17th July 2016
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Connexion 17-07-2016 – Vijay tv Game Show | Star vijay Tv Connection 17-07-16 Program 17th July 2016
Synopsis: Its a fun show where the old and the young compete,(individual or team) to become a “MASTER CONNECTER”.A game that tests how you think rather than what you think. Connexions is a picture-based game show, where the participants will have to find a connecting word to the images that appear on the screen.
A funny game show on Sunday at 1 PM hosted by Jegan
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