Achcham Thavir 15-07-2016 Vijay TV Show Episode 26

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Achcham Thavir 15-07-2016 Vijay TV Show Achcham Thavir 15/07/2016 Vijay TV program Atcham Thavir 15th July 2016
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Achcham Thavir 15-07-2016 Vijay TV thrilling adventurous reality show | Atcham Thavir program 15th July 2016 show

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Vijay TV’s new celebrity reality weekend show will start airing Thursday to Sunday starting June 2 at the 800 pm slot. The channel says that the Tamil television industry has seen shows involving small screen celebrities taking part in reality shows and performing extraordinary and thrilling tasks. Achcham Thavir differs from such run of the mill shows in as much as it has celebrities even from the film fraternity. The show has Tamil female film and television actor Divya Dharshini as the anchor.
Amongst the participants include Sonia Agarwal, Gayathri of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom fame, Sanjana Singh, Gayathri Jayaraman, Madumila of Office serial fame, Anchor Priyanka Deshpande, ‘Mettioli’ Gayathri, Ganesh Venkatraman, Bharani of Nadodigal fame, anchor turned actor Ma Ka Pa Anand, Amith Bhargav of Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhalvarai fame, RJ turned actor ‘Mirchi’ Senthil, Siddharth of Saravannan Meenatchi fame and Mudhavanan of Jodi fame.
The channel says that the new show will be full of thrill, anticipation and emotions. It claims that all the stunts for the show have been done in a very protective environment under professional guidance so that no one is hurt. Vijay TV affirms that overall the show will be a perfect blend of fun, action and entertainment.