Ithu Unga Medai 30-08-2015 – Vendhar TV Show Episode 13

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Ithu Unga Medai 30-08-2015 Vendhar TV Ithu Unga Medai 30.08.2015 Tamil Show Online | Ithu Unga Medai 30/08/2015 Vendhar TV Show 30th August 2015
Watch Vendhar TV Ithu Unga Medai 30.08.15 Show Ithu Unga Medai 30/08/15 Latest Today Episode 13 Online 30-08-15

Hosted by Actor/Director K. Bakyaraj, this hard hitting talk show addresses the toils of the common man. Travelling to different parts of Tamilnadu, the show brings to light the many oppressions faced by people from different walks of life in our society. Not only does it throw light on their plight, but also offers a solid solution in the form of extending support, either through providing jobs or sponsoring their education needs.