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Virundhinar Pakkam 29-10-2015 Sun TV Virundhinar Pakkam 29.10.2015 Tamil Show Online | Virundhinar Pakkam 29/10/2015 Sun TV Program 29th October 2015
Virundhinar Pakkam 29-10-2015 Lena Tamilvanan | Sun Tv 29-10-15 Virunthinar Pakkam Surya Vanakkam program 29th October 2015
Watch Online Sun Tv Surya Vanakkam Virundhinar Pakkam.
Synopsis: A light-hearted chat on current affairs with famous personalities. The host chats up with the special guest of the day. Genre in which one person (or group of people) discusses various topics put forth by a talk show host. Usually, guests consist of a group of people who are learned or who have great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed on the show for that episode. Other times, a single guest discusses their work or area of expertise with a host or co-hosts.

Virundhinar Pakkam, sun tv Shows

In Virundhinar Pakkam the hosts have an informative and humourous conversation with a distinguished guest of the day.

LENA TAMILVANAN – Famous Writer,Publisher of Manimekalai Publishing, Traveler,Speaker ,Editor of Kalkandu Weekly,Asst.Editor of Kumudham weekly…etc…in my Portrait Art – Artist Anikartick,Chennai,Tamilnadu,India

•Author of 72 books •1800 Articles •MD of Manimekalai Prasuram •Former Associate-editor of Kumudam & Kalkandu Tamil Magazine •Time Management expert

Lena Tamilvanan (லேனா தமிழ்வாணன் ) is the eldest son of the legendary Tamil (தமிழ் ) writer “Master of all subjects” Tamilvanan (தமிழ்வாணன் ) and is the Managing Director of Manimekalai Prasuram (மணிமேகலை பிரசுரம் ) which is the largest Tamil book publishing house with more than 3000 titles to its credit. He has authored 72 books covering numerous number of topics and is an expert in the field of Time management and has delivered seminars on time management in several MNCs,colleges and schools.Lena Tamilvanan is also the associate editor of the Tamil weekly magazine Kalkandu (கல்கண்டு ) and Kumudam (குமுதம் ).His popularity is mostly attributed to the articles such as ஒரு பக்கக் கட்டுரைகள் (One-page articles), பயணக் கட்டுரைகள் (Travel Articles ) and கேள்வி பதில்? (Question and Answer?) to name a few.One unique aspect of Lena Tamilvanan is that you can never see him without his black glasses(கருப்பு கண்ணாடி) ,he inherited not only his father’s the writing talent but also a part of his identity.

Personal Interests
Very good badminton player,Cricket lover and a player too, Loves instrumental music, Collects different types of radios and torches.