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Virundhinar Pakkam 11-11-2015 Sun TV Virundhinar Pakkam 11.11.2015 Tamil Show Online | Virundhinar Pakkam 11/11/2015 Sun TV Program 11th November 2015
Virundhinar Pakkam 11-11-2015 Ayeesha Era. Natarasan | Sun Tv 11-11-15 Virunthinar Pakkam Surya Vanakkam program 11th November 2015
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Synopsis: A light-hearted chat on current affairs with famous personalities. The host chats up with the special guest of the day. Genre in which one person (or group of people) discusses various topics put forth by a talk show host. Usually, guests consist of a group of people who are learned or who have great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed on the show for that episode. Other times, a single guest discusses their work or area of expertise with a host or co-hosts.

Virundhinar Pakkam, sun tv Shows

In Virundhinar Pakkam the hosts have an informative and humourous conversation with a distinguished guest of the day.

NAME : Era. Natarasan (R. Natarajan)

BIRTH : 08.12.1964

BIRTH PLACE : Lalgudi, Tamil Nadu, India.

EDUCATION : PG degrees in Physics, Education, Psychology and English Literature.

– Natarasan had his first teaching experience at the age of 16, in a village service camp as a school student.

– In 1986 he became a Science/Language Teacher.

– He becomes a Matric School(Higher Secondary) Principal in Chennai in 1996.

– Appointed as the Principal, Krishnasamy Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India (his present position) since 1999.

– Dr. Radhakrishnan State Award – 2008.

– Concentrates more on practical aspects of classroom education.

– Guide for many teachers.

– Specialized area : Class room – Democracy.

– Experimentation of education.

– Introduced many educationists including John Holt, Paul Freure in Tamil.

– Author of Ayeesha the short novel which was widely read (one Million copies) in Tamil.

– Started writing career in 1976 through Tamil weekly “Ananda Vikadan”.

– As a college student in Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu his poems appeared in all leading monthly’s weekly’s in Tamil.

– 1982, First collection of poems.

– 1991, First short story in Tamil magazine “Kanayazhi”.

– So far, 6 novels (including novels for childrens) – 4 short story collections – 3 books on poetry including Science, Translation Novels, Multinational stories – authored 46 books in Tamil.

– Many of his short stories have been translated to other languages.

– Has won many awards including the Tamil Valartchi Thurai Award.

– 4 of his stories have been made into short films – which won International acclaim.

– “Poojyamam Andu” – His novel is the first to appear in “Brail Language” for the blind to read in Tamil.