Vanga Pesalam 24-02-2016 sun TV Talk Show

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Vanga Pesalam 24-02-2016 sun TV Talk Show | Vaanga Pesalam 24th February 2016 program
Watch Sun Tv Vaanga Pesalam online.
Synopsis: Talk show covering current, relevant topics with the interesting messages they dicussed and talk in this show. it will be very funny and very informative program to the viewers.
Presented by Solomon Pappaiya Pattimandram fame Ms.Bharathi bhaskar and Mr.Raja

Vaanga Pesalam, sun tv Shows

Vaanga Pesalam is a chat show where popular orators Bharathi Bhaskar and Raja talk about prominent personalities and thought provoking issues, but on a lighter note.
Did his B.Tech from IIT Madras [JEE : 4] and his Ph.D in EE from Maryland, College Park. He is the co-founder of AID and Eureka Child Initiative. He too went on to work on grass root level, on a problem closest to his heart : Education. Eureka Child initiative aims to ensure quality education and health for children from marginalized families. The program today supports about 60,000 children in 1000 villages and creating 3000 part time jobs, for youth in Tamil Nadu. Pilot programs are being run in other states too, to test the viability. He has won Ashoka Fellowship, Lemelson Innovator’s Award, Rotary Distinguished Service Award and Eureka had won the Global Indus Technovator Award.