Top 10 Movies 26-04-2015 Sun Tv program

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Top 10 Movies 26-04-2015 Sun TV Top 10 Movies 26.04.2015 Show Online | Top 10 Movies 26/04/2015 Sun TV Program 26th April 2015
Watch Sun tv Top 10 Movie 26.04.15 Show Top 10 Movies 26/04/15 Latest Today Episode Online
Top 10 Movies 26-04-2015 Sun Tv program | Top 10 Movies show 26th April 2015
Synopsis: This program is a count down of Top 10 Movies of the week.
In this show, the movies are rated as per its performance in the theatres and it is a guide to the movie watchers.

This show helps the public to know the movies available for them to watch and also to choose the best movies. Viewers watching this program get to know how the recently released movies are faring.

The comments and the collective opinion of those who have seen the movie do to a great extent reflect on the movie reviews. The countdowns are based upon the reports received from the collections from all over Tamil Nadu, and the views from the movie goers.

This program also has a segment for newly released Hollywood movies.

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