Super Challenge 23-08-2015 – Sun tv Reality Game Show 23-08-15 Episode 29

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Super Challenge 23-08-2015 – Sun tv Game Show 23-08-15 Episode 29
Sun tv Reality / Game Show Super Challenge 23rd August 2015
Divided into different teams, mega serial actors take part in fun-filled and entertaining games on the show.
Super Challenge is a Tamil game show on Sun TV. The show is set to launch on 8 February 2015 every Sunday at 1pM. The Show hostess by Rishi and Kavitha. The game show involves celebrities from the family of Sun TV’s serials and other celebrities of the Tamil film industry that are divided into two teams challenging one another in various tasks given to outdo each team throughout the show. The two teams comprising celebrities compete with each other on rounds like.

Super Challenge is a game show with lot of fun and frolic. The contestants are the Sun TV serial artists who participate with great enthusiasm and pleasure. The games are innovative, interesting and entertaining. The hosts Rishi and Kavitha add on to the energy, festivity and fun quotient of the Super Challenge show.

In this show of Super Challenge we have the Maragatha Veenai family on board. Maragatha Veenai is one of the popular serial aired on Sun TV from Monday through Saturday at 12.30 pm every day. The teams are led by Sundari and Raja the two main leads in the mega serial. Watch and enjoy your favourite serial characters sing, dance and play some fun filled games.

The show consists of Five rounds. The rounds Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Match the Picture), Pass the Melody, Pictionary, Weight Party Weigh the Star, Super Sumo have the audience entertained.

Round 1 : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Match the Picture)
Involves identifying quaint old not so famous photographs of celebrities being showcased and the contestants would be quizzed on the same.

Round 2 : Konjam Yosi Konjam Vaasi (Pass the Melody)
Chinese whisper game played with music and instruments.

Round 3 : Pesum Padam (Pictionary)
A dumb-charades game played with the help of their drawing skills.

Round 4 : Weight Party Weigh the Star
Involves Guessing the weight of a chosen participant from the team using a large weighing balance and the team members are made to guess the equivalent number of fruits and vegetables it would take to match the celebrity’s weight.

Round 5 : Beem Boy Beem Boy (Super Sumo)
Overcome your weight and perform challenging tasks wearing sumo suits. As a weekly show that gets telecast every Sunday between 1 pm to 2 pm, the presentation of ‘Super challenge’ is charged up with some high-octane anchoring by Rishi and Kavitha and with equal enthusiasm from the sportive participants taking on every challenge and paying the light-hearted penalties for not scoring points.