Sollunganne Sollunga 23-08-2015 – Sun TV Imman Annachi Show

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Sollunganne Sollunga 23-08-2015 Sun TV Sollunganne Sollunga 23.08.2015 Show Online | Sollunganne Sollunga 23/08/2015 Sun TV Program 23rd August 2015
Watch Sun tv Sollunganne Sollunga 23.08.15 Annachi Show Sollunga Annae Sollunga 23/08/15 Latest Today Episode Online.
Sollunganne Sollunga 23-08-2015 – Sun TV Imman Annachi Show | Sun TV 23-08-15 Show Sollunga Annae Sollunga 23rd August 2015 Programs
Synopsis: Sollunganne Sollunga that covers peoples love for comedy, humor and laughter. Handled by comedy entertainer Mr. Iman Annachi who travels to different places in and around Tamilnadu interacting with people sharing general knowledge in a highly comical manner.

It is a comical program that records the innocent answers of the public who lacks simple common societal knowledge while host Iman Annachi try bringing out the correct answer.

Sollunganne Sollunga, sun tv Shows

In Sollunganne Sollunganne, the host Iman Annachi visits a college campus and indulges in a friendly and jolly chat with the students. Iman Annachi is popular for his funny one-liners and jokes. During the show he asks a general knowledge question to the show participants but the amusing answers from them and Annachi’s quick witted response for it makes the show very hilarious and humorous.
In Sollunganne Sollunga, this week Iman Annachi is in Tagore Engineering College. The students and our host engage in an ever so funny chat. So dont miss its roll on the floor and laugh comedy.