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Raagi Koozh | Kitchen Galatta | Sun TV Show
Kitchen Galatta | Sun tv Cooking Program
Kitchen Galatta, A Tamil Cookery Show, featuring preparation of Tasty, healthy and Mouth-Watering recipes by Star Chefs Meena Sudhir, Pazhanimurugan, Krishnakumari & Durga to make everyone cook world class foods in their homes.

Raagi Koozh

Ragi koozh is gluten free, diabetic friendly and a healthy breakfast porridge especially during Summer. Its a perfect body coolant and not only that this Ragi Koozh is still a staple breakfast of many people in the villages across Tamil Nadu.

Ragi Koozh Recipe

1. Mix Ragi flour in 3 cups water without any lumps in a vessel and let it rest over night. The next morning the ragi batter would have turned sour.

2. Transfer the ragi batter mixture along with the water to a pressure cooker.

3. Add kodo millet (Varagu arisi), salt and 2 cups of water and mix well once again.

4. Pressure cook for 3 whistles over medium flame. Take off the stove and let the pressure release.

5. Open the cooker and using a masher (Maththu) mash all the contents well.

6. Meanwhile, in another bowl, take the curd, add 1/2 cup water and whisk till its smooth.

7. Add the whisked curd to the ragi koozh (porridge) and mix well without lumps either with your hand or using a whisk.

8. If its too thick, adjust the consistency by adding more buttermilk or water. Ragi Koozh recipe is ready.

9. Serve this ragi koozh in tumblers with an assortment of side dishes like raw shallots (sambar onion), green chilies and mango pickle.