Nattu Maruthuvam 26-11-2015 “Tettrankottai – Clearing Nut”- Sun tv Show

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Nattu Maruthuvam 26-11-2015 – Sun tv Show
Nattu Maruthuvam | Dt 26-11-15 | Dr.Sakthi Subramaniam | Siddha Maruthuvam
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Tettrankottai – Clearing Nut

Tettrankottai Medicine Cold-Cough-Asthma

Tettrankottai Cures Urinary Problems – Venereal Diseases

Tettrankottai Legiyam

Naattu Maruthuvam is a health show that features a Siddha doctor Sakthi Subramani who introduces a natural produce everyday and shares its medicinal qualities to heal all kinds of ailments. Today’s wonder produce is the Tettrankottai or Clearing Nut.
Tettrankottai powder is prepared as a medicine for elders and children with problems like cold, cough, chest congestion and asthma. Clearing nut powder’s concoction can be used to treat urinary tract infections, urinary stones, pancreas stones, gall bladder stones, venereal diseases and gonorrhea. Diabetic patients will find relief from their problem of frequent urination at night, with the intake of this concoction. Clearing Nut reduces the blood cholesterol level. It aids in the increase of sperm count and sperm motility in men. Tettrankottai powder legiyam rejuvenates, nurtures and strengthens our body.