Nattu Maruthuvam 06-01-2015 Benefits Of Manathakkali – Sun tv Show

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Nattu Maruthuvam 06-01-2015 Benefits Of Manathakkali – Sun tv Show
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Benefits of Manathakkali| Medicinal uses of Manathakkali

Medicinal Uses of Solanum Nigrum or Manathakkali

  • It is very good for mouth sores and ulcers. Make a juice with the leaves and gargle with it. Also chewing some leaves and keeping it in your mouth for sometime helps to heal mouth ulcers.
  • It is a diuretic and hence helps in the discharge of urine. A decoction made from the leaves and stem of the plant helps this purpose.
  • The leaves of the Solanum nigrum is a natural home remedy to treat digestive problems. The juice of the leaves is good for flatulence, peptic ulcers and dysentry. An infusion of the plant is good for abdominal upsets.
  • The leaves and fruits are said to cure fever. A decoction made from fresh or dried leaves helps to reduce fever.
  • A paste made from the plant can be applied on burns to get relief.
  • It can also be applied as a poultice over rheumatic joints and for eruptive skin disorders.
  • The green berries can be mashed and massaged locally to treat ringworms.
  • Heat the leaves. This is an effective home remedy to get relief from inflamed scrotum and testicles.
  • A quarter cup of the juice of the leaf taken thrice a day for the duration of the period, relieves painful periods. This should be continued for a couple of cycles
  • A decoction of the berries and flowers of the Solanum nigrum is good for cough and cold.