Kutty Chutties 23-08-2015 – Sun tv Kids Show 23-08-15 Episode 146

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Kutty Chutties 23-08-2015 Sun TV Kutty Chutties 23.08.2015 Show Online | Kutty Chutties 23/08/2015 Sun TV Program 23rd August 2015
Watch Sun tv Kutty Chutties 23.08.15 kids Show Kutty’s Chutties 23/08/15 Latest Today Episode 146 Online.
Kutty Chutties 23-08-2015 – Sun tv Show | sun tv 23-08-15 kids show Kutty Chutties Program 23rd August 2015
Synopsis: Sun TV Network proudly presents the ultimate kids show! Here is an opportunity to bring out the best in your child. The show encourages them with the most wacky platform filled with energy, naughtiness and lots & lots of fun. This is a stage where your kids can be themselves, at the cost of our laughter!
So, If you are a proud parent of a cute, outspoken & naughty child between the age of 3 and 8, bring them over to our kids show & make them a star!
Hosted by Imman Annachi, this program features children who give funny and innocent answers for the questions asked by him.

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Kutty Chutties is a talk show with children, which has Tamil Nadu’s most favourite small screen host, our Imman Annachi talk with a set of naughty kids. Annachi has the live audience in splits of laughter as he chats with the cute kids with his laughable and funny antics. The smartness and the cheekiness of the children never cease to amaze you. Watch this show and have an hour of your day filled with laughter.

In this episode of Kutti Chutties, we have this week’s bunch of children fill the show with their sweetness and mischief. Imman Annachi has a jolly good chat with them. Varun steals your heart with his childishly innocent and cute talk.