Kitchen Galatta 26-08-2015 Onam Special | Kerala Thengaipal Kozhi kuzhambu – Sun tv Show

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Kitchen Gallatta 26-08-2015 – Sun tv Show Episode
Kitchen Galatta | Dt 26-08-15 Sun tv Cooking Program
Kitchen Galatta, A Tamil Cookery Show, featuring preparation of Tasty, healthy and Mouth-Watering recipes by Star Chefs Meena Sudhir, Pazhanimurugan, Krishnakumari & Durga to make everyone cook world class foods in their homes.

Onam Special

Meen Kerala Thengaipal Kozhi kuzhambu

Kitchen Galatta is a cookery show which presents a variety of delicious, mouth watering and healthy food prepared by celebrities and chefs. Today’s speciality is Kerala Thengaipal Kozhi Kuzhambu, presented by chef Palani Murugan.

Kerala Thengaipal Kozhi Kuzhambu

Chicken, coconut milk, potato, green chilli, ginger, milk, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, bay leaf, pepper, curry leaves, salt, coconut oil.
Method Of Preparation:
Heat coconut oil in a pan, temper with the whole spices and bay leaf.
Add ginger, green chilli, curry leaves, chicken and saute well.
Pour water, season with salt and bring it to boil.
Add boiled and mashed potato and boil well.
Pour boiled milk and let the gravy boil again.
Finally add coconut milk, pepper, cardamom powder, mix well and remove from heat.