Kitchen Galatta 20-10-2015 “Pumpkin Kheer – Parangikai Payasam, Kozhukattai Sundal & Water Melon Seed Rice” – Sun tv Show

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Kitchen Gallatta 20-10-2015 – Sun tv Show Episode
Kitchen Galatta | Dt 20-10-15 Sun tv Cooking Program
Kitchen Galatta, A Tamil Cookery Show, featuring preparation of Tasty, healthy and Mouth-Watering recipes by Star Chefs Meena Sudhir, Pazhanimurugan, Krishnakumari & Durga to make everyone cook world class foods in their homes.

Pumpkin Kheer, Kozhukattai Sundal & Water Melon Seed Rice

Pumpkin Kheer – Parangikai Payasam

Kozhukattai Sundal

Water Melon Seed Rice

Kitchen Galatta is a cookery show which presents a variety of delicious, mouth watering and healthy food prepared by celebrities and chefs. Today’s speciality is Pumpkin Kheer РParangikai Payasam , Kozhukattai Sundal, Water Melon Seed Rice.