Aanmeega Kadhaigal 18-11-2016 Sun Tv Show

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Aanmiga Kadhaigal 18-11-2016 – Sun Tv Show 18-11-16 Aanmiga Kathaigal Religious Surya Vanakkam program 18th November 2016
Synopsis: This Program is compilation of Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Scriptures stories. The wonderful messages of Upanishads & Shastras are depicted in these inspiring stories. This Show is suitable for children, especially the moral & value instilling stories, as it inspires them with moral and value instilling stories.
Stories included are:
1. Glory of God’s name
2. Vyasa’s visit to Varanasi
3. Krishna & Karna
4. Rama & Karna
5. Rishi Sudheeskshna
6. Guru bhakthi.

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Aanmeega Kadhaigal is a spiritual discourse show that features K.Sivakumar, who shares the teachings and stories from various scriptures and religious texts.