Aalaya Vazhipadu 07-04-2015 – Sun Tv Show

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Aalaya Vazhipadu 07-04-2015 – Sun Tv Show 07-04-15 Alaya valipaadu Sooriya Vanakkam show 07th April 2015
Synopsis: This program takes the viewers through various temples across the country, narrating the specialties of the temples and deities. piritualistic journey of self-realization through virtual visits to Indian temples, and offer Arti’s and Prayers. This program features temple worshipping activities and hymns dedicated to various Hindu Gods. Achieve an inner sense of spirituality by virtually visiting the famous Indian shrines and offering prayers. This Show provides a fascinating insight into the colourful world of Hindu deities and places of worship. a treasure trove of information, Hindu Gods and Temples: Symbolism, Sanctity and Sites is also a celebration of this great art heritage of India.

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