Kelviyum Doctor-um – Dr. Abhilasha, Psychiatrist- Sathiyam TV Show

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Kelviyum Doctor-um – Dr. Abhilasha, Psychiatrist – Sathiyam TV Show
Kelviyum Doctorum – Dr. Abhilasha, Psychiatrist – Sathiyam TV Program

Technology stricken world always welcomes a hell lot of health related issues. Health is the mandatory need for every human being, which cannot just be obtained over surgeries and drugs. We require a proper diagnosis and a clear opinion from a well experienced and qualified medical practitioner. Sathiyam T.V opens up avenues for all its viewers to get proper medical guidelines and opinions from doctors of various medical fields. Watch the KELVIYUM DOCTORUM program live and feel free to contact with your queries on all Saturdays at 3.00pm in Sathiyam Tv.