Koppiyam – Aadi Moi Virunthu – Raj tv show

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Koppiyam – Aadi Moi Virunthu – Raj tv show
அரிசி சோறு… ஆட்டுக்கறி குழம்பு… அமர்க்களப்படும் ஆடி மொய் விருந்து!!
Koppiam Crime Time | Raj tv Koppiyam Unmaiyum Pinnaniyum Program
koppium was a successful show in raj tv which shows the paranormal happenings around Tamil Nadu. This show is all about real events, real people.

Moi Virunthu is the special function of Pudukottai and Tanjur district in Tamil month of Aadi. In that function Crore Rupees amount and gift are collection

Koppiyam, Raj tv Shows

A crime based show that describes unusual but true incidents along with crime scene footage, crime motives and causes behind the scene.