Beach Girlz – Actor Thyagu – Raj tv Beach Girls Program

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Beach Girlz – Season 02 – Actor Thyagu Raj tv Beach Girls Program
Beach Girls is an RajTV enjoyable game shows a bang hosting by Kalyani & Bhavana.In this show actor & actress will participate and share about themselves and play the exculsive rounds…

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Raj tv has now come up with the successful show’s season 2. This new season is out with a bang better than ever, in a new beach, with new celebrities and with a new host. Season 02 is hosted by Kalyani and Rebecca.This show contains 5 rounds where our celebrities play fun games, reveal personal information, incidents and secrets about themselves and others in the industry. We also get to find out how celebrities react under stress and whether they are fun enough to reach the top of our Fun-O-meter. This show stands out from all other shows in tamil television as it contains every element possible- games, dares, truth, gossip, stress, fun and a lot of giggles. So keep watching Beach Girlz while our hosts chill and get to know our guests on our cool and sometimes sunny Beach.