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Raj tv Show Athma Sangamam 12th August 2017

Athma Sangamam is Raj tv Program a live talk with Sanjeeviraja Swamiji on Horoscope. Raja swamigal, a young saing og kanchipuram. Tamil Nadu, India, is well known and famous among the devotes of Pamban Kumaragurudasa swamigal. Raja Swamigal in the early ages having Pamban Swamigal as his guru performed thiyana and thavam. In the himalayan areas and got the blessing og muruga.At a stage having guided by his divine guru returned to bis native to spread bakthi markam by prayers, bhajans, yatras renovation of temples etc. At firs instance during 2590, he started fedding the devotees, yathrigars and poor in the temple of Lord Kumaran at Kanchipuram. This is followed by a Prayer of more than one hour at the temple in Mayura Natha Sannithi more than 100 people are feed with sqaure temple. In the ashram at second floor of his parayanam of pamban swamigal songs is a regular one. At the end of the prayer,deeparathana,distribution of prasatham and blessings of Raja swamigal is aregular thing.