Aanmiga Vidiyal 08-03-2015 – Puthuyugam tv Show

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Aanmiga Vidiyal 08-03-2015 – Puthuyugam tv Show
To keep the wheel of life rolling, one needs energy for the body, mind and soul. If food gives us energy for the body and mind, the soul needs to be well tuned with some spiritual food, to keep us well balanced. Hence we intend to start the day with some spiritual energy to help one face the challenges lying ahead on the day and every day of one’s life.
This program has various segments such as “Suprabatham”,” Ashtalakshmi sthothiram”, ” Mangala Isai”, “Naalum Koolum”, “Aanmiga Arulamutham”, “Aalaya Tharisanam”, etc.
The above segments and the program as a whole is sure to refresh your inner self, refreshing your soul and energising you to go about fulfilling your duties diligently.