6 Doctorgal 1008 Kelvigal 30-12-2015 Puthuyugam tv Show

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30-12-2015 – 6 Doctorgal 1008 Kelvigal Puthuyugam Tv Program
6 Doctors 1008 Questions 30-12-2015 Puthuyugam tv 6 doctorgal 1008 kelvigal Show
Though an entertainment channel, Puthuyugam has always been a socially conscious channel. In continuing its social responsibility, Puthuyugam TV is providing viewers free consultations on their medical issues and concerns, via its new program ” 6 doctorgal 1008 kelvigal”.
A panel comprising of 6 eminent doctors, would clarify callers’ doubts, apprehensions, fears, etc. during the live relay to be aired daily from 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Do make use of this opportunity.

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