Why did 80 whales washed ashore in Tiruchendur?

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Why did 80 whales washed ashore in Thiruchendur?
Carcasses of 30 baleen whales washed ashore near Tiruchendur beach
the dozens of whales that have washed ashore on the Bay of Bengal coast’s Manapad beach in Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu state, India, Tuesday, Jauary.12. The top government official in the southeastern port town of Tuticorin said the short-finned pilot whales began washing up on beaches Monday evening.
Why did 80 whales washed ashore in Tiruchendur?

What caused 80 whales to beach themselves on the Indian coast? Mystery as dozens of the animals kill themselves… with some returning to die after locals dragged them back into the sea

45 whales have died after they were washed up off the coast of Tamil Nadu
Rescuers and local fishermen have been trying to save the whales
As many as 80 short-finned pilot whales have been stranded near Tiruchendur beach since last night