Thoguthi Arivom “SAIDAPET” 27-08-2015 Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Show

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Thoguthi Arivom “SAIDAPET” 27-08-2015 Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Show
Thoguthi Arivom – In this section each day facts regarding an assembly constituency would be provided. Today data regarding the “SAIDAPET” constituency is being presented

Saidapet is named after Sayyid Shah (Sayyid Musalman Sahib), a high-ranking 18th-century official of the court of the Nawab of Arcot. The then Nawab of Arcot gifted these parts to Sayyid Shah in 1730. However, Saidapet at that time also included Kotturpuram and Nandanam.

The Maraimalai Adigal Bridge (previously the Marmalong Bridge) connects the northern banks of the Adyar river with the south. This bridge was originally built in 1726 by Coja Petrus Uscan. The dilapidated old bridge was replaced by a new one in the 1960s built as part of the reconstruction and modernization efforts.

Saidapet was obtained by the British East India Company in the 1700s along with the jaghir of Chingleput. From 1859 to 1947, Saidapet served as the district headquarters of Chingleput District. In 1947, the headquarters was shifted to Chengalpattu. Saidapet was included in Madras city during 1945-46 and since then forms a part of the corporation. Saidapet had a large weaver population and handlooms were in operation as late as 1990. It was quite notorious for filariasis in the olden day.

Saidapet assembly constituency is part of Chennai South (Lok Sabha constituency). It occupies an important place in Tamil Nadu politics being the starting place for election rallies. Karunanidhi was once elected from this constituency.