Rowthiram Pazhagu 22-08-2015 – Puthiya Thalaimurai tv Show

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Rowthiram Pazhagu 22-08-2015 – Puthiya Thalaimurai tv Show | Rauthiram Pazhaghu Puthiya Thalaimurai 22-08-15 Roudhram Pazhagu 22nd August 2015
Public transportation can well be added to the list of basic necessites today. But how accessible and available is public transport in TN? This episode documents the real situation.

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Rauthiram Pazhagu from Puthiyathalaimurai TV looks at issues from the social angle. An in-depth analysis of issues often forgotten, neglected, shunned or swept under the carpet. A program which stirs one to think. A program bringing to light various social issues that need to be addressed and also the plight of the unfortunate ones whose livelihood or lifestyle are affected by the changes is technology, social systems, etc.