Nerpada Pesu 02-09-2015 “Debate on Importance to Hindi” – Puthiya Thalaimurai tv Show

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Nerpada Pesu 02-09-2015 Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Nerpada Pesu 02.09.2015 Show Online | Nerpada Pesu 02/09/2015 PuthiyaThalaimurai TV Program 02nd September 2015
Nerpada Pesu 02-09-2015 Debate on Importance to Hindi | Puthiya Thalaimurai tv 02-09-15 Nerpada Pesu Show 02nd September 2015
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This program features politicians, social activists and writers debate on latest political and social problems.

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Central government’s efforts at making Hindi official language at the UN. Prepared to spend people’s tax money of Rs. 270 crores says Sushma Swaraj. Is Hindi the only identity of India questions Karunanidhi . Of the Indian languages is one getting prominence while the rest are neglected ?