Mozhi Arivom 10-09-2015 “TERMINAL” – Puthiya Thalaimurai Tv Show

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Mozhi Arivom 10-09-2015 “TERMINAL” – Puthiya Thalaimurai Tv Show
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This episode provides the Tamil translation or equivalent of the word “TERMINAL”

Puthiya Thalaimurai Tv Program

Terminal may refer to:

Airport terminal, a building at an airport
Bus terminal, a bus station
Container terminal, a facility which handles shipping containers and cargo
Ferry terminal, a docking facility for passenger, train and/or auto ferries
Freight terminal, a freight station
Shipping terminal, a sea port or a dock or a berth
Marine terminal, a sea port or a dock (maritime) or a berth
Railway terminal, generally the end of a railway line
Terminal station, a station at the end of a route (typically tramway or railway)

Electronics, telecommunication, and computers
Terminal (typeface), a monospace font
A type of Stroke ending (typography) which does not end in a serif
Terminal (electronics), a device for joining electrical circuits together
Terminal (telecommunication), a device communicating over a line
Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), a telemetry device interfacing to a DCS or SCADA system
Computer console, a text output device for system administration messages
Computer terminal, a hardware device for data entry and display in a computer system
Dumb terminal, a computer terminal that has limited functionality
Pseudo terminal, a piece of code that routes a server I/O to and from some application, assuming that it will implement the text terminal behavior
Terminal emulator, an application program replacing a computer terminal
Terminal (OS X), a terminal emulator application included with OS X
Terminal (Xfce), the Xfce terminal emulator
Virtual console, a concept that permits multiple terminals on one hardware

Terminal object, a type of object studied in category theory
Terminal symbol in formal grammar, a symbol that cannot be further divided
Polymer terminal in chemistry, the end residue on any polymer chain
Terminal velocity in physics, the speed of an object when the restraining force exerted by a fluid (such as air) is equal to other forces (such as gravity) (see also Terminal velocity (disambiguation))
Terminal crown, a feature of living trees like the Eucalyptus Mallet (habit)
axon terminal, is destal termination of the branches of an axon.