Viyugam – Ma. Subramanian Interview – News7 Tamil Show

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Viyugam – Ma. Subramanian Interview – News7 Tamil Show
Viyugam – 570 கோடி கண்டெய்னர் லாரியையெல்லாம் மறந்து விட முடியாது: மா. சுப்பிரமணியன்!

Rev. Mayor Ma. Subramanian was born on 01.06.1959 in a small village near Vaniyambadi. His father eriyilum, Tank and fish are being caught in the income of the family had been sold. His mother died at an early age due to finish 5th grade study, read and come to Chennai. Mamavumtan sister and nurse him. While studying at the school if the artist has a tanippiriyam. At the age of 18 in 1976, Saidapet artist charitable Hall, night school and earned the gratitude of the people of the area conducted. At the time he was 18 years old. He has worked since 1976 with the DMK from the extreme party. In 1987 part of the DMK Saidai Youth team director, organizer of the youth team in 1992 as a district in 2002 and has served as the first Deputy Secretary of State youth team. Seruvom with something that worked in an export firm. Two years in a labor dispute led to the establishment of the Association, held a series of protests. Her love marriage. Kanchana wife’s name. Soda and ice cream shop, held after the preparation. Then get a bank loan and then gradually progresses to the wholesale and wholesale of construction materials.

Chennai Corporation in 1996, was first elected to the House. After 2001, the following year was elected councilor. In 2002, Mr. Saidai volume. Keep. In the by-election held after the death of their Lord’s stand on behalf of the DMK lost the chance to win the most votes. In 2004 she held the DMK in Madurai At the time of going to the ceremony, he made the trip car accident hospitalized with severe injuries, survived after receiving treatment. The car accident, the friend who traveled with him, Mr. council member. Cujampulinkam They died on the spot after the accident.

Deputy Chief Minister at the time. MK Stalin for their efforts, recovered in hospital receiving treatment for several weeks. He saved his life, saying that he would have been proud today.

Macuppiramaniyan-Kanchana couple’s two sons, the eldest son studied medicine in Moscow Ilancheliyan completed, and has been working in Chennai.

BA in Education through the mail Finish, elelpiyum concluded. 1999 to register himself as a lawyer and has served on the high court.

Ma. In an interview he had become mayor Subramanian, Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development and Local Administration Department, Deputy Chief Minister MK Following Stalin’s continuing mission, Singara Chennai Chennai, accordingly stated that the change is the best as a volunteer.