Paesum Thalaimai 30-08-2015 “Courier service pioneer ‘Professional’ Ahamed Meeran” – News7 Tamil Show

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Paesum Thalaimai 30-08-2015 “Courier service pioneer ‘Professional’ Ahamed Meeran” – News7 Tamil Show

Mr.S.Ahmed Meeran (Managing Director, The Professional Courier)
He has Graduated in Commerce from Sadakathullah Appa College (Madurai Kamraj University), Palayamkottai, Tamilnadu. He has over 29 years of experience in the courier industry.

Briefly the History of The Professional Couriers’ working can be summed up as under:

Initially, it was in 1986 that the Directors of the company came together to have a start up of the courier services.

Later, TPC was incorporated on 1st November 1987, which contained very young, enthusiastic, highly qualified professionals, never minding to forego their handful of employment and take up the job.

These youngsters decided to grow on their own and wanted to bring out a company, leading to provide livelihood to several people by way of employment, which was indeed a great service, leading to the birth of a large courier organization in the years to come.

The directors of TPC numbering eight decided to provide employment opportunity to young and striving people, which not only provided employment in cities, but in Rural places, thus leading to Rural upliftment and Rural employment.

The company also faced many challenges and hurdles in their way and thus was taken care with utmost diligence by these youngsters with their dedication and sacrifice.

This courier company was started when Courier was not known and thus the founders had a tough time in educating people and creating their own vision, with par excellence in the field of communication and reach.

The Professional Couriers provides job to several thousands of people, thus paved way for creating various younger generation people to become Managers of a great company. It has also served as a role model company in the area of courier service.

General Details:
a) The total network of Professional couriers in India are – 20 Regional offices, around 2500 branches across India, more than 5000 collection centers and having more than 25,000 places where it reaches to the public. It has thus been the biggest courier net work in India.

b) A courier service which was considered as a luxury was made a common man’s reach by providing excellent service for the public at an affordable price by TPC.

c) The eight persons who founded the Courier organization had an ambition to grow and has thus has opened up an International Subsidiary company, called the Professional International Couriers Pvt Ltd and thus opened up global operations at Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. Also, a tie up with other associates paved its way for extending services at Dubai and Singapore, as also at 230 other countries.

Mr. P.M. Abraham

Mr. S Ahamed Meeran

Mr. Oommen C. Chacko

Late. Mrs. V. Padmavathi

Mr. Ronny George

Mr. Sumit Batabyal

Mr. Suresh Bharathan

Mr. Thomas John

The year 2007 saw the TPC going through formalities in forming a company called The Professional Couriers Network Ltd., (PCNL) with a view to have a strong base at the Northern/Western/Eastern and Central parts of India which also paved way for developing an overall net work in the form of Franchisees and also setting up its own branches, however, the Corporate office being placed at New Delhi in India.

It is notable that in 2009, the company again went through another change in the form of individual companies in the name of Tte Professional Couriers USA Inc., New York/USA, Professional Couriers LLC, Dubai/UAE and Professional Couriers Pvt Ltd Singapore being formed with successful operations throughout. Let apart the company has also formed as a Social Justice, a Charitable Trust during 2009 in the name of Professional Couriers Charitable Trust (Regd) having its Head office at Mumbai, India.