Nenju Porukkuthillaiye 27-09-2015 – Kalaignar tv Show 27-09-15 Episode 112

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Nenju Porukkuthillaiye 27-09-2015 Kalaignar TV Nenju Porukkuthillaiye 27.09.2015 Tamil Talk Show Online | Nenju Porukkuthillaiye 27/09/2015 Kalaignar TV Talk Show 27th September 2015
Watch Kalaignar TV Nenju Porukkuthillaye 27.09.15 Talk Show Nenju Porukkuthillaye 27/09/15 Latest Today Episode 112 Online.
Nenju Porukkudhillaye 27-09-2015 – Kalaignar TV Talk Show | Kalaignar tv 27-09-15 Nenju Porukkudhillaye Talk Show

Nenju Porukkuthillaiye is a Tamil talk show to discuss the common issues faced by people and giving innovation solutions, by experts.
Hosted by John Dhanraj, this program discusses social problems and helps people who try to seek justice to their problems.
The programme was started to bring a change in Indian society by discussing on several issues faced by common peoples, their causes and possibilities of social justice.
Nenju Porukkuthillaiye show was widely appreciated by several politicians and social activists for its social research and analysis gathering positive feedbacks from the common people as well.

Is your job related to what you studied?
Watch the heated argument of a contestant asking her opponent team and the public, if engineers work in the stream they choose. She asks, for instance, if a Biotech graduate get a job in related fields like Pharma or Biotechnology.

Engineering Courses demand deceases
Off late there is a decrease in the demand for choosing engineering as their course. Watch the heated argument of students discussing their problems on an open forum, in Nenju Porukkuthillaye

Indian engineers are the brain child for software firms: Maran, Vice Chancellor

Importance of career choice: Sriram, Chairman
Watch Chennai Technology Chairman, Mr. Sriram, taking his stand on job opportunities for engineering students. He talks about parents finding out the true interest of their kids from a young age, in Nenju Porukkuthillaye show

Steps to improve students’ interest in engineering
Watch students share their suggestions to improve the interest in choosing engineering courses. Some of them include faculty counseling, encourage innovative ideas, and many more…

Guests of Honor: Poonavai, Sriram, Maran, Dr. S. Ilanjaiyam

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