Maanada Mayilada Season 10 26-07-2015 Kalaignar TV Dance Reality show 26-07-15 Episode 26

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Maanada Mayilada Season 10 26-07-2015 Kalaignar TV Maanada Mayilada 26.07.2015 Season 10 Tamil Reality show Online | Maanada Mayilada 26/07/2015 Kalaignar TV Reality show 26th July 2015
Watch Kalaignar TV Manada Mayilada 26.07.15 Dance Reality show Manada Mayilada Season 10 26/07/15 Latest Today Episode 26 Online.
Maanada Mayilaada Season 10 26-07-2015 – Kalaignar TV Dance Reality show | Kalaignar tv 26-07-15 Maanada Mayilaada Season 10 Reality show 26th July 2015
Season 10 Judges: Srikanth, Meena, Kala Master

Yuvaraj from Gokul’s team

Manas & Rajeesh

Manasa & Riya

Prakash & Karthik

Priya & Neethu

Ramya & Irslin

Ravi & Prabhu

Shalini & Pavithra

Vasanth & Kanna

Best Performers

Kala Master announces the Best Performers of the episode after collating the final marks of hers and the judges…

Best Performer – Male 1: Ravi
Best Performer – Male 2: Prabhu
Best Performer – Male 2: Rajeesh
Best Performer – Male 2: Prakash
Best Performer – Female 1: Ramya
Best Performer – Female 2: Irslin
Best Performer – Female 3: Pavithra
Best Performer – Female 4: Priya
Best Performer – Female 5: Riya
Best Performer – Female 6: Manasa
Best Choreographer 1: Ramesh
Best Choreographer 2: Gokul
Best Choreographer 3: Anto
Best Choreographer 4: Yuvaraj

Season 10 Judges: Srikanth, Meena, Kala Master

Maanada Mayilada is an Indian dance competition show airing since 2005 on Kalaignar TV. The show was conceived, produced and directed by noted choreographer Kala Master. She is also one of the judges and the only constant judge throughout the show. Other judges have been Brinda, Kushboo Sundar, Rambha, Namitha, Simran, Mumtaj, Sudha Chandran , Meena. and Prasanth. Sanjeev and Keerthi have been the hosts for all seasons.

The choreographers for this dance show include Prem Master, Anthony Master, Rajesh Master, Ramesh Master, Chandru Master, Raghu Master, Sandy Master, Mani Master, Tamil Master, Bala Master, Nantha. Maanada Mayilada has alternative choreographers and sometimes the choreographers help each other during the seasons.

Maanada Mayilada is best known for the types of dance shown and the beautiful, unique sets brought by Kala Master. The sets have become a major highlight and are appreciated by the audience.