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Parigaramum Palangalum Watch Captain tv Parikaramum Payankalum 23.07.16 Show Parikaramum Payankalum 23/07/16 Latest Today Episode Online.
Parikaramum Payankalum 23-07-2016 – Captain tv show | Captain tv Parikaramum Payankalum 23rd July 2016 Show
Synopsis: Remedies (Pariharam or Graha Shanthi) in Astrology are known as the actions performed to ward off evil effects from the doshas, bad dasa periods and to pacify the malefic planet effects.
Here we can learn about the simple methods that makes your Pariharam to deliver effective results.
This Program are also useful in removing your Dosham.

Parikaramum Payankalum, Captain tv Shows

An astrologer talks about the significance of spiritual obligations and their benefits.