Rekka Katti Parakudhu Manasu 13-09-2017 – Zee Tamil Serial 13-09-17 Episode 63

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Rekka Katti Parakudhu Manasu 13-09-2017 Zee TV Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu 13.09.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Rekka katti parakuthu manasu 13/09/2017 Zee Tamil TV Serial 13th September 2017 Rekka Katti Parakum Manasu
Watch Zee Tamil TV Rekka katti parakuthu manasu 13.09.17 Serial Rekka Katti Parakudhu Manasu 13/09/17 Latest Today Episode 63 Online.
Rekka Katti Parakudhu Manasu 13-09-2017 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu 13-09-17 | Zee Tamil tv Serial Rekka katti parakkuthu manasu 13th September 2017
Tamil, the son of a politician, wishes to marry Anjali, a teacher. However, Nandita, his sister-in-law, creates obstacles between them as she fears she would lose her hold over the family.

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Zee Tamil Rekka Katti Parakum Manasu 13th September 2017 Episode 63 Review/Discussion:

Tamil’s younger brother’s name is Shakthi. Shakthi is a brat and a wastrel. To show-off his richness, he throws parties to make sure he gets all the importance. He wants to become a politician like his father. Shakthi is married to Nandita. She is from a very rich political family and naturally she is very egoistic and a head strong person. Nandita wants complete control over the family. To make it happen she devices cunning plans to ensure that Tamil does not get married. If, Tamil gets married, Tamil being the elder son of the family his wife would naturally be the first lady of the family. How Tamil comes across and falls in love with Anjali. & the rivalry between Anjali and Nandita forms the rest of the story.