Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08-11-2016 – Zee Tamil Serial 08-11-16 Episode 437

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Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08-11-2016 Zee TV Annakodiyum Ainthu Pengalum 08.11.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08/11/2016 Zee Tamil TV Serial 08th November 2016
Watch Zee Tamil TV Annakodiyum Ainthu Pengalum 08.11.16 Serial Anakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08/11/16 Latest Today Episode 437 Online.
Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08-11-2016 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Anakodiyum Ainthu Pengalum 08-11-16 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 08th November 2016

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Zee Tamil Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum 08th November 2016 Episode 437 Review/Discussion:

Annakodiyum Ainthu Pengalum is an aspiring story of Annakodi and her four daughters. Gauri, the eldest daughter of Annakodi and Muthupandi is in search for an identity for her mother, herself and siblings as her mother being the second wife of Muthupandi is ill-treated by people around her, inspite of her step mother Pandiamma supporting them. How Gowri, a lawyer by profession tackles all the hurdles is captured as an interesting story. Gowri’s role model in life is Uma Mahewari, the leading lawyer in the town. Destiny lands her as the daughter-in-law of Uma Maheshwari where she faces threat to practice her profession. How she takes over her role model and fights all injustice forms the rest of the story.