Seedhayin Raaman 12-09-2016 Vijay TV Serial 12-09-16 Episode 186

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Seedhayin Raaman 12-09-2016 Vijay TV Seedhaiyin Raman 12.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Seethaiyin Raman 12/09/2016 Vijay TV Serial 12th September 2016
Watch Vijay TV Seedaiyin Raman 12.09.16 Serial Seethayin Raman 12/09/16 Latest Today Episode 186 Online Seethayin Ramaan
Seethaiyin Raman 12-09-2016 – Vijay TV Serial Seethain Raaman
Synopsis: Seethaiyinraman is the classic epic of Ramayana retold through the eyes of the righteous, beautiful and brave Sita and her immense love for Ram! Mythology
The main story of the serial is developed from ramanaya written by poet Valmiki. The main highlight of the serial about telling he ramanayam from seetha’s point of view. The main charcters played in the serial are same as in the ramanayam story.
Directed By : Nikhil Sinha, Dharmesh Shah
Written By : Anand Neelakantan, Subrat Sinha, Bhavna Vyas
Produced By : Nikhil Sinha

Cast : Ashish Sharma as Raman /Ramaan/ Ramar | Madirakshi Mundle as Seetha | Karan Suchak as Lakshmana / Lakshmanan | Pratham Kunwar as Shatrughna | Sujay Reu as Bharatha / Bharathan/ Barathan |

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