Endrum Anbudan 03-10-2016 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 01

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Endrum Anbudan 03-10-2016 Vijay TV Entrum Anbudan 03.10.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Endrum Anpudan 03/10/2016 Vijay TV Serial 03rd October 2016
Watch Vijay TV Endrum Anbudan 03.10.16 Romantic Love Serial Entrum Anpudan 03/10/16 Latest Today Episode 01 Online.
Endrum Anbudan 03-10-2016 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Entrum Anpudan 03-10-16
Cinematography : Sudesh Kotian
Producer : Shashi Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Writer :
Cast : Mohammed Iqbal Khan, Shraddha Arya, Varun Badola, Sachin Shroff, Rukhsar Rehman

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Vijay TV Endrum Anpudan 03rd October 2016 Episode 01 Review/Discussion:

Anshuman, heir to Rathod Mansion, is married by his father to a girl named Paakhi at a very young age. Tension between the two families resulted in Paakhi not going to her in-laws’ house. Anshuman marries a girl of his choice when he comes of age, but she dies in a car accident and leaves him with a son named Ayan. Time passes and Anshuman meets decides to marry Tanya, the daughter of a rich businessman. But when the news of his first wife is exposed, he unwillingly has to take Paakhi in. As Anshuman wants to marry Tanya, he and his sisters try to taunt and bully Paakhi into agreeing to a divorce, but Paakhi doesn’t bend and Anshuman begins to fall in love with her.

When Paakhi realises that it was Anshuman and not just his sisters who wanted her to go, not wanting him to be blamed for their divorce she calls the media and announces that she is the one who wanted it and for part of Rathod property as alimony. As Paakhi prepares to leave Rathod Mansion, her brother-in-law convinces her Anshuman is in love with her and not Tanya. Paakhi returns to Rathod mansion and asks for a week’s challenge in exchange for the divorce. The challenge is that Tanya has to manage the household on a weekly budget.

Tanya wins the challenge, but Anshuman says that he still cannot ask Paakhi to leave as she has become like a real mother to Ayan. It is then revealed that Tanya had cheated in the challenge by taking money from Ayan’s piggy bank, and that she had brainwashed Ayan into believing that Anshuman had killed his first wife so he would side with her. Realising that her plan has fallen flat, Tanya tries to kill Paakhi in her desperation but fails. Anshuman drives Tanya out of the house and declares his love for Paakhi.

Circumstances lead Anshuman to believe that Paakhi is cheating on him and he confronts and humiliates her, which causes her to leave. Anshuman realizes that he misunderstood Paakhi and writes to her to come back. Paakhi writes back saying she can’t live with him and moves to Singapore. He follows her there and apologizes to her. Paakhi forgives him and agrees to return to India with him to restart their life.

After they return to India, Paakhi’s dreams and happiness are destroyed as Anshuman is killed by his younger, look-alike brother, Aryaman. Pakhi stops grieving and grows stronger as she realises she has to look after her husband’s business and after Ayan. Anshuman’s cousin Veer helps Paakhi do this and she later marries him, but they realise that Paakhi will never be able to move on from Anshuman’s death and get a divorce.