Amma 14-10-2016 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 09

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Amma 14-10-2016 Vijay TV Ammaa 14.10.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Ammaa 14/10/2016 Vijay TV Serial 14th October 2016
Watch Vijay TV Amma 14.10.16 Romantic Love Serial Ammaa 14/10/16 Latest Today Episode 09 Online.
Amma 14-10-2016 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Ammaa 14-10-16
Synopsis: Jhilmil is a small girl who got separated from her mother Pratibha during a programme. Jhilmil leaves on the streets and tries her best to find her mother. She has such a difficult time surviving alone. Pratibha, in turn, is depressed by the loss of her daughter. Over and above that, she has to face the social stigma for having been careless enough to lose her child. Over a period of time, Jhilmil meets a number of people – some kind, some cruel – while she keeps looking for her mother. Pratibha is also searching desperately. Will mother and daughter ever meet again?
A family member’s jealousy lands a little girl on the streets, where she has to beg to make a living. But her heart wants to know why her family, and especially her mother, abandoned her.

Director :
Producer : K Venkatesh Productions
Writer :
Cast : Sayantani Ghosh, Avneet Kaur, Jatin Shah, Neena Kulkarni, Parikshit Sahni, Ketki Kadam

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Vijay TV Amma 14th October 2016 Episode 09 Review/Discussion:
‘Amma’ is the story of Jhilmil, a street kid, who is on a mission to look for her real mother. The story revolves around the tryst that Jhilmil has to undergo just to survive alone; and how Pratibha, her mother, faces depression and social stigma for losing her daughter at a local event. The show leads on into how Jhilmil meets different people, some kind and some hurtful, towards her in her journey to locate her real mother while Pratibha too never stops looking for her missing …