Vamsam 15-12-2015 Sun TV Serial 15-12-15 Episode 743

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Vamsam 15-12-2015 Sun TV Vamsam 15.12.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Vamsam 15/12/2015 Sun TV Serial 15th December 2015
Watch Sun TV Vamsam 15.12.15 Serial Vamsam 15/12/15 Latest Today Episode 743 Online.
Vamsam 15-12-2015 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 15-12-15 Vamsam Ramya Krishnan Serial 15th December 2015
Synopsis: Vamsam tells the story of twin sisters Archana IAS and Shakthi and how they two and Archana’s husband Ponnurangam must not only protect their family but also unite Bhoomika with Madhan.
Directed By : Arulrai
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Ramya Krishnan, Sai Kiran, Vijayakumar, Seema, Sakthi Saravanan, Lakshmi, Sandhiya, Priya, Jayashree Rao.

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Sun TV Vamsam 15th December 2015 Episode 743 Review/Discussion:
Ponnuragam friend Prabhu family came to meet Arukani , Prabhu ‘s accept to marry Arukani but suddenly Arukani gets Vomiting , since Prabhu ‘s father was a Siddha doctor he checked Arukani ‘s and said She got Conceived , all were Shocking , Ponnurangam ask Arukani regarding this.
Madhan and his mother came talking about Arukani ‘s conceived.
Archana got calls from hospital , that Servent met an accident and and admitted in hospital, She was telling what happened that day , She said Arukani gone mental because of Dr Gunal.

The original story starts off with Shakthi (Ramya Krishnan) wanting to find her relatives and unite her mother with her uncle Vetrivel Annachi (Vijayakumar) and her father with her aunt Nagavalli (Vadivukkarasi) but in a tragic accident set up by Nagavalli, Shakthi’s parents die and she is the only survivor. She returns to the serial after many episodes and marries Ponnurangam but after a while, it is revealed that since the accident, Shakthi’s twin sister,Archana IAS, separated from her a long time ago, has been acting as Shakthi. She did this because after the accident in which her parents died, Shakthi was very ill, so when she met her twin sister, Archana IAS, at the hospital for the first time, she asks her to act as Shakthi and defeat Nagavalli and protect her family. Archana wanted to reveal her true identity later, but when the police arrest her husband Ponnurangam for Archana’s murder, she is forced to reveal that she is not Shakthi but Archana IAS. After this moment, Ponnurangam and many of the others in Shakthi’s family start ignoring Archana and treating her as an outcast. She is forced to even do house chores. One day, Archana even refuses the Chennai collector post because Ponnurangam told her to do so. Meanwhile, Doctor Madhan, who originally intended to marry Shakthi (actually Archana), but married Bhoomika, dislikes Bhoomika and tries in many ways to first marry Supriya and then later Actress/ Gwaliyar Ilavarasi Myna. He succeeds in marrying Myna even though Bhoomika has a child. Archana is also pregnant with twins, but Ponnurangam donates one of his daughters in the hospital to Solaiyamma and Krishna, husband of Rukmini, who has lost her child 6 times. He does thhs to save Rukmini’s life. Solaiyamma later refuses to give him the child because she wants the 500 crores property of Rukmini. Ponnurangam is torn between getting his child back and telling Archana about all this. Actually, Myna is Bhoomika.