Valli 02-11-2016 Sun TV Serial 02-11-16 Episode 1123

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Valli 02-11-2016 Sun TV Valli 02.11.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Valli 02/11/2016 Sun TV Serial 02nd November 2016
Watch Sun TV Valli 02.11.16 Serial Valle 02/11/16 Latest Today Episode 1123 Online.
Valli 02-11-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 02-11-16 Valli Serial
Synopsis: Valli is into a fascinating journey to start fresh hoping to awake in an environment which gives her a fresh lease in life. During this journey she meets many challenges and her life gets more and more complicated as she finds herself in a situation where she has to don a mistaken identity. Valli, a village girl who escapes from her home town because of her uncle’s trouble. The story revolves about her trials she faces in her journey and the courage with which she overcomes them.
Directed By : N. Sundareshwaran
Produced By : Saregama India Ltd
Cast : Vidhya, Rani, Rajkumar, Poovilangu Mohan, Kanya Bharathi, Kavitha, Sunitha, Yuvanraj Nethran, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram.

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Sun TV Valli 02nd November 2016 Episode 1123 Review/Discussion:

Valli series is a story that portrays the courage shown by a small town girl who is very simple and ordinary by the looks. She runs away from the small town due to the troubles caused by her maternal uncle as he tries to get Valli married to a local guy for money.

Valli starts a fascinating journey seeking fresh hopes in life and an environment to suit herself. She hides her own identity in the new environment and tries settling into a new life without any burdens and sorrows. During this period, There comes a new problem which she had never imaged about.

She faces many more challenges from the people where she is now currently and her life becomes more miserable than ever when she was in her small town. The story then takes a high twist and turn and runs into a peachy mood and how Valli shows her courage to manage all those problems and come out of the situation forms the crux of the story.