Ponnoonjal 05-04-2016 Sun TV Serial 05-04-16 Episode 772

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Ponnoonjal 05-04-2016 Sun TV Ponnoonjal 05.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Ponnoonjal 05/04/2016 Sun TV Serial 05th April 2016
Watch Sun TV Pon unjal 05.04.16 Mega Serial Ponnoonjal 05/04/16 Latest Today Episode 772 Online.
Ponnunjal 05-04-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 05-04-16 Pon Oonjal Serial 05th April 2016
Synopsis: Ponnoonjal is a story looking at the struggle of a woman bringing up female children by herself after being thrown out of her husband’s house. Ponnoonjal is the story of a gritty mother who raises her daughter after her husband ditches her and it captures how her relatives save her from this wicked society.
Directed By : V.Sadasivam, A. Abdullah, R. Ganesh
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Shamitha Shreekumar, Vishwa, Rajkanth, K.S Jayalakshmi, Sreenivasan, Baboos, Sumangali, Santhana Bharathi, Vanaja, Manjari, Guhan Shanmugam.

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Sun TV Ponnunjal 05th April 2016 Episode 772 Review/Discussion:
Viswa said Akila that he wont trust her anymore.
Priya told all the details about Arun to Amsavalli ‘s family .
Arun family force Priya to accept him to marry , but Priya was not willing to marry him.
Kirthana called Varun and said that she was scared very much about Priya ‘s marriage.
Arun and his father planning to stop Priya ‘s marriage .

This is a tale of a striving woman who tries to raise her daughter. Her husband also ditched her and thrown out of their house. Since then, her torment has started. But she remains tough and tried to fought all her problems. Ponnoonjal is about the fascinating journey of Nandhini to start her life anew in a place which give her a bright future ahead of her. She even worked in a construction where her health condition weakened. Until she met Anushka and offer her a job as a receptionist. She did well in her new job and gained many friends. Then later, she tried a new job which worked really well for her. During her venture, she will meet different challenges which will complicate her life even more. It will even lead her to a situation where she was forced to get into a mistaken identity situation. Nandhini’s thdaughter, Rupa was raised wery well by her. She wanted her to study in a good school but Rupa’s father is not around to help her with all the finances and everyone is opposing her. However, Nandhini is willing to do everything and will fight with all the hardships and challenges that she’s about to meet.