Kalyana Parisu 22-01-2016 Sun TV Serial 22-01-16 Episode 585

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Kalyana Parisu 22-01-2016 Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 22.01.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Kalyana Parisu 22/01/2016 Sun TV Serial 22nd January 2016
Kalyana Parisu 22-01-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 22-01-16 Kalyana Parisu Serial
Watch Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 22.01.16 Serial Kalyana Parisu 22/01/16 Latest Today Episode 585 Online
Synopsis: Kalyana Parisu chronicles the changing lives of three close friends in college life. It portrays their efforts to overcome the problems that affect their friendship.
Directed By : AP. Rajenthiran
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : B. R. Neha, Venkat, C. I. D. Sakunthala, Sreedevi, Durga, Arun Kumar Rajan, Sadhana, Sri Kala

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Gayatri telling that she had a dream like Subbu ‘s baby will died before it born.
Subbu ‘s brother and sister-in-law came for temple to do special prayer for Subbu and for her baby , They met Gomathi in temple and talking about Subbu.
Dharmalingam suddenly came to temple and shouting at Gomathi that not to talk with them.
Ravi ‘s parents planning to destroy Subbu ‘s baby.
Everyone came to know that Subbu ‘s baby will died before it born , Gomathi feeling bad about Gayatri ‘s dream.