Kalyana Parisu 14-12-2015 Sun TV Serial 14-12-15 Episode 554

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Kalyana Parisu 14-12-2015 Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 14.12.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Kalyana Parisu 14/12/2015 Sun TV Serial 14th December 2015
Kalyana Parisu 14-12-2015 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 14-12-15 Kalyana Parisu Serial
Watch Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 14.12.15 Serial Kalyana Parisu 14/12/15 Latest Today Episode 554 Online
Synopsis: Kalyana Parisu chronicles the changing lives of three close friends in college life. It portrays their efforts to overcome the problems that affect their friendship.
Directed By : AP. Rajenthiran
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : B. R. Neha, Venkat, C. I. D. Sakunthala, Sreedevi, Durga, Arun Kumar Rajan, Sadhana, Sri Kala

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Ravi ‘s friend came to meet Ravi in jail, Since Ravi is drug addiction he asking him whether did he bring drugs for him or not, his friend ask him to change his character,But again Ravi is explaning that he suffering a lot without drugs, he says he could not do anything without drugs, his friend refused to give drugs to him .
Subbu came to his brother ‘s house , She came to ask about her case, she ask whether he accept to handle the case, His brother says that he refused to handle her case , Subbu says that she gona convenience the Advocate to handle her case.
Subbu went to meet the Advocate , She forcing him to handle her , case, but the Advocate says that he not willing to handle her case.
Subbu came to meet Ravi ‘ s parents , She is threatening them to Ravi ‘ will wont release from jail , Ravi ‘ s parents got angry at shouting at Subbu.