Kalyana Parisu 06-02-2016 Sun TV Serial 06-02-16 Episode 597

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Kalyana Parisu 06-02-2016 Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 06.02.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Kalyana Parisu 06/02/2016 Sun TV Serial 06th February 2016
Kalyana Parisu 06-02-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 06-02-16 Kalyana Parisu Serial
Watch Sun TV Kalyana Parisu 06.02.16 Serial Kalyana Parisu 06/02/16 Latest Today Episode 597 Online
Synopsis: Kalyana Parisu chronicles the changing lives of three close friends in college life. It portrays their efforts to overcome the problems that affect their friendship.
Directed By : AP. Rajenthiran
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : B. R. Neha, Venkat, C. I. D. Sakunthala, Sreedevi, Durga, Arun Kumar Rajan, Sadhana, Sri Kala

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Gayatri and Renuka calls Vimal and clarify their doubt , he says that he thinking Renuka as his sister but not other than a relationship.
Subbu ‘s sister in law says what Poosari told about her baby , She is telling that her Baby died , But still Subbu telling that her baby is alive.
Subbu ‘s asking her brother to take a bail for her in jail .