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Sindhu Bhairavi 26-10-2015 Raj TV Sindhu Bhairavi 26.10.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Sindhu Bhairavi 26/10/2015 Raj TV Serial 26th October 2015
Watch Raj TV Sindhu Bairavi 26.10.15 Serial Sindu Bairavi 26/10/15 Latest Today Episode 1378 Online. Sindhu Bhairavi 26-10-2015 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Sindu Bairavi 26-10-15

Synopsis: Sindhu Bhairavi is a story of two friends – Sindhu and Bhairavi with diametrically opposite backgrounds. Sindhu is the daughter of a maid servant, while Bhairavi is the daughter of the landlord of the same house. Inspite of their economic differences, they become the best of friends. However, jealousy creeps in as Sindhu wins over Bhairavi’s family with her sweet character. Things worsen when Veer, suitor of Bhairavi, falls in love with the good natured Sindhu. Watch Bhairavi as she continously tries to belittle Sindhu and deny her happiness at every turn.
Directed By : Ketan Dubey
Written By : Ajay, Aseem Arora, Kumar Abhishek
Story By : Mitali
Produced By :
Produced By :
Produced By : Pintoo Guha, Rupali Guha
Cast : Tina Dutta as Mahathi Akash Chatterjee, Mrunal Jain as Akash Chatterjee, Sreejita De as Muktha Vishnu Kashyap, Ajay Chaudhary as Vishnu Kashyap, Vaishali Thakkar as Thamarai Ragendra Bharti, Ayub Khan as Jogi Thakur, Rashmi Desai as Bhairavi Raguvendra Pratap Rathore, Gaurav Chopra as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, Pyumori Mehta as Divya Jogi Thakur, Chaitanya Choudhury as Kanna Bharti, Pratima Kazmi as Sumitra Devi, Krutika Desai Khan as Dhaksayani Avinash Chatterjee, Varun Toorkey as Sankrant Avinash Chatterjee, Neena Singh as Gomati, Akansha Awasthi as Rohini Pushkar, Bharat Chawda as Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela/Yuvaan

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Raj TV Sindhu Bhairavi 26th October 2015 Episode 1378 Review/Discussion:

Sindhu Bhairavi is a story of two friends Sindhu and Bhairavi. Sindhu is a very sweet girl from a poor family but Bhairavi is opposite to her. Sindhu become beloved by everyone in Bhairavi’s family. Things gone worse when Bhairavi’s boy friend fall in love

Sindhu Bhairavi follows two friends of different economic backgrounds: Sindhu, a maid’s daughter and Bhairavi, a rich daughter of Jogi Thakur. After many circumstances Sindhu goes to jail after killing Avinash. In the mean time, Rathhore and Bhairavi leave Mukta, new born alone. Mukta is taken care by Sindhu and Thamarai. In the jail, Sindhu gives birth to a baby girl, later named Mahathi. There is 18 years leap. Sindhu is released from jail and Bhairavi and Rathore come back. Bhairavi is totally changed now. She is true now. She struggles and makes Sindhu and Veer live together. Mahathi is married off to fake Vishnu (Akash), son of Avinash. He begins to revenge Mahathi. Bhairavi is shot and Sindhu meets with an Accident.Sindhu donates her heart to Bhairavi proving her strong friendship. Now Sindhu dies and Mahathi is unaware of it. After Sindhu’s death Akash starts to love Mahathi gradually. Mahathi comes to know about true face of Akash and she is separated from Akash and now she is at Jogi’s house in Mumbai. Mahathi and asks for divorce but Akash refuses it.

Then Akash comes to Mumbai to call Mahathi back to his house but Mahathi hates him. Akash enters Jogi’s house as a servant for 23 days to compromise Mahathi.