Gowravam 14-01-2015 – Raj tv Serial 14-01-15 Episode 273

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Gowravam 14-01-2015 Raj TV Gowravam 14.01.2015 Serial Online | Gowravam 14/01/2015 Raj TV Serial 14th January 2015
Watch Raj TV Gowravam 14.01.15 Serial Gouravam 14/01/15 Latest Today Episode 273 Online.
Gowravam 14-01-2015 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Gouravam 14-01-15 | Raj tv Serial 14th January 2015
Synopsis: Gowravam is the story of Jai Kishan, the dedicated and cultured son of the Vaishnav family that lives in Keshavgarh. He wants to stay with his family, but situations force him to leave his home and got to the US. The show will deal with his stay in a foreign land, and how he keeps his tradition close to his heart even when he’s away from his homeland.The show focuses on a joint Gujarati family who live in the town Keshavgadh. The show deals about the family culture of Gujaratis, their lifestyle, about how they eat together, and their loving son Jai Kishan. Jai goes abroad to re-build the mill which is a memory of his late grandfather. There, he finds a girl whom he falls in love with and wants to marry. But his family had already chosen a bride for him.

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