En Thangai 02-09-2015 – Raj tv Serial 02-09-15 Episode 104

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En Thangai 02-09-2015 Raj TV En Thangai 02.09.2015 Tamil Serial Online | En Thangai 02/09/2015 Raj TV Serial 02nd September 2015
Watch Raj TV En Thangai 02.09.15 Serial En Thangai 02/09/15 Latest Today Episode 104 Online. En Thangai 02-09-2015 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Mann vasanai 02-09-15

Synopsis: The story of “En Thangai” (My Sister) revolves around the life of Pandiyarajan, the Protagonist of this story, a ferry (Boat) Contractor in Hogennekkal that Falls in picturesque locations of the great water-falls in Dharmapuri Dist., in Tamilnadu and his four sisters.
As a responsible brother Pandiyarajan wants to get his sisters married to a Government employee so that they can have a guaranteed future. However, fate has something else for his sisters in the form of various characters. “En Thangai” will deal with the Pandiyarajan’s efforts to find a prosperous future for his sisters and related disappointments and how he supportively overcomes the setbacks to put them in the right track.
Directed By : Mangai Arirajan
Produced By : RR Telefilms
Cast : Pandiarajan, Ramya, Anu Mohan, Lakshmi Raj, Vasavi, Madhuriya, Vishwa, Renukha, Apsal, Uma, Karnaa, Makima, Sathiyan, Sumathi Sri, Thanush, puspalatha, Dhurai

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Raj TV En Thangai 02nd September 2015 Episode 104 Review/Discussion:

Pandiarajan, the Protagonist of this story, is a ferry (Boat) Contractor in Hogenakkal Falls in picturesque

locations of the great water-falls in Dharmapuri Dist., in Tamilnadu.

He has four sisters. He gets his first sister engaged to one Mr.Panneerselvam, but incidentally, Panneerselvam

absconds (runs away) on the day of the Wedding.

After tense moments, his first sister, in agreement to all, gets married to the younger brother of

Paneerselvam on the same day. But as fate could have it, unfortunately, the husband dies six months

after the wedding, and the sister now widowed and Pregnant, seeks refuge and settles back in Pandia

Rajan’s house itself.

Pandiarajan, earlier had already promised to marry the sister-in-law (husband’s sister) of his sister to

show his gratitude, but now, after sister got widowed, Pandiarajan refuses to marry his sister’s sister-in-law.

This sister-in-law having felt cheated vows to avenge her disappointment, by planning to throw the rest

of Pandiarajan’s sisters’ lives into difficulties by spoiling any effort of marriage attempts to all and rest of

Pandiarajan’s sisters.