Arundhathi 14-11-2016 Raj tv Serial 14-11-16 Episode 30

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Arundathi 14-11-2016 Raj TV Arundhati 14.11.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Arundhathi 14/11/2016 Raj TV Serial 14th November 2016
Watch Raj TV Arundathi 14.11.16 Serial Arundhati 14/11/16 Latest Today Episode 30 Online. Arundathi 14-11-2016 – Raj tv Serial

Synopsis: Sanghavi, a happy-go-lucky girl, dreams of marrying someone interesting. However, her life takes a turn when she learns that she possesses supernatural powers and is an avatar of goddess Arundathi.
Directed By :
Written By : Ved Raj Shrivastava, Dheeraj Sarna
Story By : Ved Raj Shrivastava
Produced By : Shoonya Square
Cast : Jigyasa Singh, Ankit Bhatla, Jaya Bhattacharya

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Raj TV Arundathi 14th November 2016 Episode 30 Review/Discussion:
Arundathi is a mystery series and the plot revolves around the protagonist, Sanghavi, who is happy-go-lucky girl and has plenty of dreams in her life, including getting married to someone interesting. But, her parents are unable to find a suitable groom for her. The prospective grooms, who come and meet her, face the wrath of evil forces,. Sanghavi soon realizes that she has an unusual power by which she could treat snakebite victims by just touching them. Sanghavi, eventually gets married to a policeman named Sankaraman, who is murdered by local goons. When Sanghavi’s family approaches a sithar, it is revealed that she is an avatar of goddess Arundhathi and that she was born to protect a sacred book.