Urave Uyire 28-11-2016 Polimer tv Serial 28-11-16 Episode 417

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Urave Uyire 28-11-2016 Polimer TV Urave Uyire 28.11.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Urave Uyire 28/11/2016 Polimer TV Serial 28th November 2016
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Urave Uyire 28-11-2016 – Polimer tv Serial | Polimer tv Uravee Uyere 28-11-16 | Polimer tv Serial 28th November 2016

Directed By : Anil V. Kumar, Rishi Tyagi, Balaji Telefilms
Produced By : Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Cinematography : Ashish Sharma
Story : Sonali Jaffar
Screenplay : Ritu Goel
Dialogues : Dheeraj Sarna
Cast : Shakti Arora as Ravi(Male lead), Radhika Madan as Shalini(Female lead), , sibi Khan as Kailash (Ravi’s father), Sadhana Sharma as Roshini(Ravi’s sister), Gauri Pradhan Tejwani as Padmavathy Balakrishnan, Prithvi Sankhala as Balakrishnan, Ravjeet Singh as Sivaguru

Urave Uyire, Polimer tv Serial
Polimer TV Urave Uyire, 28th November 2016 Episode 417 Review/Discussion:

The show presents the story of Ravi, the son of a driver and Shalini, the daughter of a rich businessman and employer of Ravi and his family. Ravi is forced to play matchmaker between Shalini, the girl he loves, and Sivaguru, the man her family want her married.

Although Ravi is deeply in love with his childhood friend Shalini, he realizes the impossibility of her reciprocating her love, because he is a servant, and so decides that Sivaguru is the perfect man for her to spend her life with. Despite Shalini’s horrible first impression of Sivaguru as a cocky and self-absorbed man, Ravi helps Sivaguru woo her and make her fall in love with him, by guiding him and advising on what to say to impress Shalini based on his own experiences.

Shalini accepts to marry shiva.After some days Ravi comes to know that Shiva is a cheat he just wanted to marry shalini for her money to settle with his girl friend and their unborn child.Ravi proves this to shalini’s father by bringing Shiva’s lovers father.meanwhile nisha falls in love for ravi. then ravi confronts shiva on his truth and they both challenge each other, the former saying that he can make shalini hate him like he made her love him and the latter taunting him saying he knows how much he loves shalini but that he is a mere servant. shiva manages to use shalini sister nisha to trap ravi. She falsely accuses him of assaulting her, in front of the whole family, as revenge for shalini marrying shiva and ignoring her for marriage.

shalini, shocked at this, makes ravi swear that this is all a lie and he has no feelings whatsoever for her. He says he cannot swear in front of God and confesses that it’s true that he loves her. shalini’s family mistake Ravi’s intentions, and kick his whole family out on the streets. Ravi, furious at being played, betrayed, misunderstood and seeing shalini and shiva celebrate Ganpati poojai together, promises he’ll celebrate this same festival in the very bala’s house where he was kicked out of.

A two-year leap occurs and the fates have switched. The once poor Ravi returns as a rich businessman and the death of shalini’s father leaves the whole bals family homeless and poor. shalini must now work a job for money and have someone buy their old house. ravi ends up buying the house. Still being engaged to shiva, who in her eyes is still the love of her life, shalini is unaware of his true intentions and the fact that the reason he has held out for so long is that his family is also broke. He is actually waiting for shalini to win back her property and marry him. ravi finds shalini and returned back to her and stay close to her he buys her old house and the company she works in, and helped her without letting her know that. shalini finds out that ravi is her new boss and is shocked to see him so changed in two years. She realizes the initials R.V. stand for ravi and also comes to know that he is the one who has bought her house. Mistaking his actions for revenge on her family, she attempts to resign but is blackmailed by Ravi to work for him. Then shalini’s family came to know about ravi’s richness and he is the one who has bought their house. This made all of them shocked that how he reached this level.